Monday, October 6, 2014

Direct Variation in Math & Life

What comes to mind when you hear the words direct variation? The analytical part of your brain is probably thinking something along the lines of a change that directly affects the end result, and you'd be right.
In math terms, direct variation is when the changes to our dear friend "y" are completely in the hands of our faithful "x". The better name for these "hands" is the constant of variation. So basically 'y' changes as 'x' changes, making 'y' dependent and 'x' independent.

Now let's think in broader, more "lifely" terms. What are some real life examples of direct variation in our daily lives?

How bout the amount of your allowance directly varies with how many A's appear on your report Card?

This week we will be exploring relationships within direct variation, and explore more ways that support the theory that direct variation is what drives people to succeed.

Think about that as we explore this mathematical concept.

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