Friday, March 27, 2015

Our Wish for you...

On behalf of the 8th grade team, we would like to let you, our students, know how proud we are of all the hard work you all have put forth, since day one. Even though there are days where we test each other’s’ patience or you catch us about to pull our hair out, we want to remind you that we have these frustrations because we want the best for you and from you.

Our hopes are that you will each reach your highest potential, and as a whole SOAR. It has been an honor watching you discover slowly but surely just how far your intelligence has taken you in just a short few months.

Now, the time has come to put all that daily brain exercise to use and show everyone at RGCCISD just how hard you’ve been working here at Ac2E Middle. So ‘hit those tests with your best shot’ and aim for your individual personal best.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ac2E Middle School Pi Day!

The Math Department at Ac2E Middle School hosted its very first Pi Day this past Friday. Yes it was a little over a week early, but since we will be on Spring Break, we decided it was the perfect kick off to our mini break. Here are a plethora of pictures for you to enjoy!
Special thanks go out to the following people: Ac2E Middle School principal, Mrs. Gina Gonzalez, for her undying support and cooperation, Ac2E Middle School staff for their support of allowing students to be on a Math-Craze for the day :), HEB for their wonderful donation to make this day possible and Peter Piper Pizza for making our creative visions come to life! :). To our students, you all are great EVERYDAY, but your enthusiasm, and excitement for learning makes our hard work that much more rewarding! Being pied in the face was definitely a small price to pay for your hard work and dedication everyday! :)

Todays activities consisted of the following:
Pi Unscrambled: Students solved a wordsearch about Pi day terms.
Bulls-Eye: Students aimed for the bulls eye while singing the Pi Day song.
Hula Pi: Students investigated the circumference divided by the diameter of each hula, resulted in Pi.
Cookie Pi: Student solved for the area of 3 different cookies using Pi.
Pizza Pi: Students figured out the lowest cost per square inch of 3 different pizza sizes.
Pi Day Bracelets: Students took home a memorabilia of our event by creating their own Pi day bracelets. Each number was represented by a different color.
Pi Day Hats: Students figured out that the diameter of their head, multiplied by Pi, resulted in the perfect band for their hat, ie. Pi!