Monday, March 16, 2015

Ac2E Middle School Pi Day!

The Math Department at Ac2E Middle School hosted its very first Pi Day this past Friday. Yes it was a little over a week early, but since we will be on Spring Break, we decided it was the perfect kick off to our mini break. Here are a plethora of pictures for you to enjoy!
Special thanks go out to the following people: Ac2E Middle School principal, Mrs. Gina Gonzalez, for her undying support and cooperation, Ac2E Middle School staff for their support of allowing students to be on a Math-Craze for the day :), HEB for their wonderful donation to make this day possible and Peter Piper Pizza for making our creative visions come to life! :). To our students, you all are great EVERYDAY, but your enthusiasm, and excitement for learning makes our hard work that much more rewarding! Being pied in the face was definitely a small price to pay for your hard work and dedication everyday! :)

Todays activities consisted of the following:
Pi Unscrambled: Students solved a wordsearch about Pi day terms.
Bulls-Eye: Students aimed for the bulls eye while singing the Pi Day song.
Hula Pi: Students investigated the circumference divided by the diameter of each hula, resulted in Pi.
Cookie Pi: Student solved for the area of 3 different cookies using Pi.
Pizza Pi: Students figured out the lowest cost per square inch of 3 different pizza sizes.
Pi Day Bracelets: Students took home a memorabilia of our event by creating their own Pi day bracelets. Each number was represented by a different color.
Pi Day Hats: Students figured out that the diameter of their head, multiplied by Pi, resulted in the perfect band for their hat, ie. Pi!

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