Monday, January 26, 2015

Algebraic Proportions

Since we started with solving simple one step equations, my students have been totally into the "X jokes". You know the ones... 

They are too funny! Gotta love them though! 

This week we will be looking at Algebraic Proportions. I love how as soon as the kids hear the word proportion, they are usually like "oh yeah, we already learned that, its soooooo easy!" Then I write an example like the following and all mouths stop moving... funny the power an "x" has over teenagers! (haha, does that count as an 'x joke'?)

Haven't posted extra credit on here in a while, first 5 people from each class to bring me this worked out and solved correctly, get 10 Dojo points plus their lowest grade gets replaced with a 100. Happy Solving! :)

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