Friday, November 6, 2015

Countdown to the Holidays!

Our first holiday break is fast approaching! Be sure to come to school and pay attention in class so you can enjoy the break, worry free. This week we will be dissecting linear graphs and learning all the vocabulary associated with them. First up, slope, also known as the rate of change (from 7th grade). The slope of a graph tells us the steepness of a line and whether the rate of change is increasing or decreasing. Make sure you come to school everyday, so you don't miss out!


- Bus safety presentation on Monday at 9 am
- This is the 1st week of the 3rd six weeks, clean slate, lets make it count! Let go of  habits, and set higher goals!


  1. I give up, ok ok BAND IS LIFE! 😜 But aren't you so glad I taught you algebra so well, that geometry is now a breeze?!?