Saturday, December 12, 2015

Holiday Break!

At the end of this week, we will go on winter break, but we still have several things going on at school that will require our attention so make sure you are at school. You don't want to come back in January, and realize you are already behind. The first thing of major importance is the review of our six weeks test. We need to understand if and where we went wrong and why. We also need to self evaluate and start taking advantage of Saturday tutorials. If there are concepts that you have not mastered, we will be reviewing them in tutorials, make sure to be there. I will be calling parents this week to make them aware of my recommendation for some of you to be here on Saturdays. Take it upon yourself to be there, without me having to pick up the phone. Remember, once we come back from break in January, we will have 3 months till you math kiddos have your test! Let's make those Saturdays count. 

-Attendance counts. Be at school. 
-Donate toys for our toy drive. 
-2nd period social on Friday. Bring snacks. 
-Early release Friday!  (Star Wars premiere!)

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